Our Story
Welcome to Seed Stratification, a blog for gardeners, by gardeners. We’re the creators, Kent and Marit. We hope our site serves as a source of inspiration and education for gardeners across the globe. Our site may be young, created in 2012, but it’s full of information! We’re hobby gardeners ourselves (far from full-time professional gardeners or botany experts), but we love learning all we can about planting. A few years back we started to seek out information on seed stratification and scarification. But guess what? We found very little – and it was scattered everywhere! “Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a place where gardeners could read all about seed stratification?” we thought. That’s how our blog, Seed Stratification, first got started. We saw the need for a site that pulled together the best ideas, facts, and methods regarding seed stratification in one central location. We wanted to accumulate our base of knowledge and present it in an easy-to-read fashion for ordinary flower and plant people like ourselves. So check out our site, explore, and recommend your gardening favorites to friends.

Seed stratification and scarification

The people behind this web site are happy hobby gardeners just like you.

A Little More About Us
We’re a pair of passionate gardeners from Sweden. We have two kids, a cat named Zhimba and a small, but efficient back garden. Kent enjoys playing electric guitar, drawing, watching films and surfing the web for interesting tidbits like the latest in gardening news. He loves to garden, but Marit is the true hobby gardener in our home. She has a keen interest in perennial plants, garden roses and all types of flowers. The garden is her place of relaxation and where she often finds peace after a long day at work. We love sharing our gardening experiences (almost as much as we love gardening itself) and hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit more about us.