Stratification Tips for Avocado Seeds

Lets for argument’s sake say that you are Joan, a garden hobbyist, who celebrated her 26th birthday recently. One of the things on your bucket list as a gardener is to find out how to grow an avocado tree from one of its seeds.

You’ve heard from someone close to you that it is possible to simply place an avocado seed in a bowl of water and wait on its roots to protrude from the seed before you plant it. Apparently you could make use of the stratification process to encourage the seed of the avocado to form roots a lot sooner.

How Stratification Can Help You Grow Your Own Avocado Tree
Its been said that seed stratification is one of the best ways to get seeds like those of an avocado to sprout. Joan was happy to find out that it is not as hard as it seem to grow your avocado tree by making use of a process known as moist stratification. In fact, stratifying seeds is one of the best methods to get a seed to germinate.

Your good friend proofed to be a very good source of information. She gave you some useful tips on how to start of your new project of growing an avocado tree. These are the easy steps you need to take to stimulate your avocado seed into growing roots:

  • Get yourself a nice ripe avocado from your local store, then eat the soft fruit while preserving the avocado seed for later use. You simply have to wash the avocado seed by running cold water over it.
  • Your next step, that will eventually lead to the stratification process, is to blot the avocado seed dry with a paper towel or dry cloth.
  • You will now start the stratification process by driving three toothpicks into the thickest area of the avocado seed. The toothpicks need to be at least 1/2 inch deep as it will help to suspend the avocado seed so that the bottom part is soaked in water while the top end gets enough oxygen flowing all around the seed.
  • The water bowl needs to be placed in direct sunlight for which your windowsill might be seen to be the best place for it.
  • Regularly top up the water level to ensure the fat part of the avocado seed is always covered in water. The mere fact that the outer skin of the avocado seed has been ruptured while there are a constant supply of water around the bottom part of the seed is a sure indication that the stratification procedure is in progress.

How Soon Can You Expect Results
Amazingly, after only a few weeks, you will start seeing results in that some roots will start coming out of the flat end of the avocado seed. Almost at the same time, tiny leaves will develop at the pointed end of the seed.

You can plant the seed in potting soil in a small container the minute the main stem protrudes out of the top end of the avocado seed. This is just one of nature’s wonders that you will marvel at. But, how exactly does seed stratification play a role in the development of the avocado seed, you may ask?

After all, you get cold stratification, warm stratification and moist stratification that is successfully being used with all kinds of seeds. In the case of the avocado seed, you make use of moist stratification. This is where the crucial part of the seed needs to be kept moist to encourage the root of the seed to emerge eventually.

In the case of smaller seeds, you simply need to make use of a damp or moist paper towel and enclose the seeds with it, after which you will store it in either a plastic bag or a plastic container that has a small opening. The paper towel needs to be moistened on a regular basis.

Luckily, for avocado seeds the moist stratification process is not as complicated. As explained earlier, you only need to ensure that the fatter part of the avocado seed is kept under water at the bottom half of the water bowl you are using. That in itself is sufficient to ensure that the stratification process kicks in which will result in the roots forming in a couple of weeks time.

Now that Joan discovered how easy it is to get an avocado tree started, using moist stratification, she is more than keen to tell other gardeners to follow suit and start their own avocado garden this way.